Bringing back felt wall hangings, with all the feels!


Remember that old flimsy felt wall hanging mom made?

…and it kinda fell apart, or maybe it’s going strong from glue gun overload. Well, we’re bringing it back with a classier design and more durable material, while maintaining the same love and nostalgia.



We’re all about
the details.

We keep our details and designs minimal and classy. We researched figures, nativity sets, and simple shapes to produce a clean look with clear details.


Durable material.

Our background for the nativity kit is 3 millimeters thick! The layers on our feltlings create an added durability and provide protection against strong little ones producing a lasting product.


To hang or not to hang.

Sturdy grommets are built into each corner giving your the flexibility to hang it up as interactive decor, or just leave it for the kiddies to play with on the floor.



Our Story


Jessica is a family gal and a giver.

She wants to give whenever, where ever to who ever she wants and values learning experiences for her kids. So she came up with a way earn money AND teach her kids stories and lessons at the same time! The idea for the felt kits started when…
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Our mission is to create lasting commodities that will encourage learning and storytelling for families and children.

So check out the site. Let us know if we’re living up to our mission. Send us suggestions. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

We would love to hear from you.