Hey There!

J.M. Porium is short for Jessica Mason's Emporium.

I am a woman who loves life! When I was a teenager I was nicknamed No Stress Jess because honestly nothing stressed me out. There is so much good in the world (I honestly believe this) and so many possibilities to be achieved!

Bringing back Felt Board Kits has been on my mind since 2015. At first, I had no idea how I could bring to life what I envisioned but that didn’t stop me. I followed my motto of “Everything is worth an Ask, so just ASK!” and started asking and learning. Asking questions always leads to answers (some good and some not so good) and of course more asking. The summer of 2018 J.M.porium Felt Kits came to life.

If you have an idea or a dream start asking and get your answers and make it a reality. Anything is possible with hard work and having the guts to ASK!




Hey Friend,

Nichole here. So I’m not gonna lie. I was a non-believer in Jessica’s ideas. A little more on that later.

I am a graphic designer and illustrator. A brownie eater, snowboarder, wife, mom to an angel, and an ever-learning entrepreneur. I graduated from LDS Business College with an associates in General Studies. Took a break and worked at Disney World and the Canyons ski resort (now known as Vail). Then met my husband at BYU-Hawaii. Served a mission in Nicaragua, went to BYU-Idaho, dated and married my husband, and earned a degree in Studio Arts. WHEW!

And I am ashamed to admit it, but I was not on board with this whole felt thing at first. but Jess is so STINKIN’ PERSISTENT. I didn’t believe because I figured everyone already had one, or had grandma’s old one. So I grudgingly started on the Nativity Felt Kit, and it turns out, it was super cool to see it come to fruition. Jessica was truly inspired on selecting a manufacturer and I was blown away when we received the sample! They did an amazing job with the durability and quality! I just kept thinking, “That’s my work! And Jess made it happen.”

Her persistence and belief in this product is what kept me on board and as we work together on more gospel related felt kits I just feel so guided by my Heavenly Father in the why behind each design decision. We already have had countless experiences that have brought us to tears of gratitude and joy because we have felt the spirit so strongly. It’s incredible. And because of that I truly believe that this product will bless families around the globe.

I think teaching families through stories is so important! So when I share my stories and post stuff on social media, know that I truly believe in this product and I believe that it will bless families through storytelling.



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