Do you make custom felt kits?

Not at this time. We might in the future. However, we do have plans to expand our Felt Kit collection if you have any ideas for themes submit them to our suggestion box.

How do you hang felt background?

Our favorite way to hang is with 3M command hooks. The are simple, easy-to-use, and remove with out causing any damage. And the medium sized ones fit perfectly in the grommets on the Felt Background.

You can be as simple or creative as you like with hanging. Ribbon + rod, thumb tacks, nails. It’s your home. Make the Felt Kit apart of it.

What type of felt do you use?

We use an Eco-Friendly Synthetic Polyester Fiber Felt.

Can I wash my feltlings and/or felt background in the washer?

No. Care instructions come with your felt kit. To clean your Felt Kit (Background or Feltlings) simply press and wipe at the soiled part with a warm damp cloth. DO NOT RUB vigorously. Air dry.

How do I get the wrinkle and creases out of my Felt Kit?

To remove wrinkles and creases simple set your iron to a low or wool heat setting with NO STEAM (steam can cause your Felt Kit to shrink). Lay your Felt Kit (Background or Feltling) on your ironing board and place a dry clean cloth on top of your Felt Kit.

Keep your iron moving on top of the cloth while applying pressure. Iron until wrinkles are completely removed from your Felt Background or Feltling.

See Care + Cleaning.

How do I apply the velcro to my Feltlings?

Your Felt Kit comes with both the hook (the rough side) and the loop (the soft side) velcro squares with sticky backs. We refer to them as velcro stickers. Use the hook/rough velcro stickers. You can save or dispose of the loop/soft side. It won’t help your Feltlings stick to your Felt Background.

Feel free to leave hook/rough velcro sticker squares as is or cut them in half, thirds or quarters. Remove paper protecting the sticky part, and apply velcro squares to the back of your Feltlings.

Do you ship internationally?

No. At this point in time we are only shipping to the United States.