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Get your kids imagination thriving as they jump into a prehistoric adventure with our Dinosaur Kit.

What’s Included?

9 Feltlings: Ankylosaurs, Brachiosaurs, Iguandon, Parasaurolophus, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus & Velociraptor

8 Backgroundlings: 3 Dino Eggs, Fern, Nest, 2 Palm Trees & Volcano

17 total felt components (Background INCLUDED in BUNDLE)

Cleaning + Care instructions

What makes it so special?

The Details. We keep our details sharp and design minimal and classy.

The Durability. We remembered Mom’s old version, and let’s just say it didn’t last very long. Our thick Felt Background (INCLUDED in BUNDLE) and layered Feltlings create an added durability so your Felt Kit will with stand all the little fingers and last for years to come.

The Display Options. On each corner of the Felt Background (INCLUDED in BUNDLE) we have inserted grommets. Giving you the flexibility to hang any way you wish.

The Storytelling and warm fuzzies. We realize that felt kits bring a lot of joy and memories for many of you. We wanted to keep it that way. We want to create lasting commodities that will encourage learning and storytelling for families and children.

Packaging + Shipping Info

Ships only to North America via USPS. See our legal stuff

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